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General Courses
Introduction to Refinery Business Economics
Introduction to Refinery Processes
Control Systems and Proprietary Equipment
Adsorbent Chamber Control System (ACCS)
Atmospheric Lock Hopper Control System (LHCS)
General Engineering Courses
Engineering Design Seminar
Fired Heaters: Improving Safety, Reliability and Profitability
Process Design Fundamentals (PDF)
Mechanical Integrity Courses
Corrosion and Fouling Management
Refinery Inspection – Advanced
Process Technology Courses
Benfield™ Process
Butamer™ Process
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process
Merox™ Process Technology
Penex™ Process
Platforming™ Process
Polybed™ Pressure Swing Adsorption System
Sulfolane™ Process
Unicracking™ Process
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