Web-Based Training

World-Class Training Anytime, Anywhere

Web-Based Training is a new knowledge management tool from UOP that teaches operators and engineers the basic concepts of UOP process technology in a flexible, self-paced online environment. Designed by UOP technical experts for process engineers and operations personnel with up to three years of experience, these courses utilize high-quality graphics and animations as well as assessments and interactive exercises that will enhance employee knowledge and skills in a convenient online format.

Web-Based Training is offered as a pre-requisite to UOP instructor-led courses or as a stand-alone solution. When combined with instructor-led training, Web-Based Training serves to introduce basic concepts of the course allowing our instructors to focus primarily on procedures, troubleshooting and optimization in the classroom. Once registered, participants typically have 90 days access to the web-based training material.

You'll find a complete listing of web-based courses is included in the UOP course listing. We are pleased to offer online training options for the following process technologies:

  • Amine Guard FS (AGFS)
  • CCR Platforming Process
  • FCC Process
  • Line Sizing
  • Merox Process
  • Merox Process - Extraction
  • Oleflex Process
  • Penex Process
  • Polybed Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Pumps
  • Separex Membrane System
  • Unicracking Process

For more information, or to speak to one of our training experts, please contact us.