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UOP Training Simulators

Hands-on learning to ensure safe, reliable, efficient and profitable startup and operations.

Hands-on training for your engineers and operators through UOP simulation-based training allows your team to develop and practice their skills in a safe, realistic and repeatable environment.

Our training simulators combine dynamic simulation expertise from Honeywell Process Solutions with process design and operations knowledge from UOP. Real-life scenarios developed from years of UOP troubleshooting experience further enhance knowledge and skill building, and allow operators to safely learn using a curriculum of training exercises in a repeatable and controlled environment.

UOP Training simulators based on a typical flow scheme are available as an off the shelf product for:

  • UOP CycleMax™ Process
  • UOP FCC Process
  • UOP Oleflex™ Process
  • UOP Unicracking™ Process
  • UOP Unionfining™ Process

UOP Training Simulators are based on our proprietary reactor models and process designs including engineering specifications for the process streams, equipment, reactors, control systems and operating procedures. They include preconfigured training scenarios to challenge trainees and develop their troubleshooting skills, as well as assessment tools to establish a basis to track operator competency.

These solutions are enabled by the Honeywell UniSim® Operations Suite, which uses a simulated environment to challenge the trainee with exercises, operator graphics, dynamic trends and alarm displays.

UOP is now incorporating training simulators into our process technology training courses to expand skill building and further develop troubleshooting skills. The hands-on practice provided by the simulators might take years of experience to gain in operating a real plant.

The UOP training simulators can also be customized to individual process designs. This option is available for all UOP Refining, Petrochemical and Gas Processing Technologies.

For more information, or to speak to one of our training experts, please contact us.