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Course Description

Line Sizing Web-Based Training

Course Overview

This course delivers practical insights into the principles of process design for line sizing. It features a review of line sizing selection and calculations for liquid, vapor and two phase flow systems. Course content includes interactive exercises and guidelines that can be put into practice on the job. The on-line course includes a workbook that contains the main points of the course that can be used as a reference document after completion.

Cost: $725 USD

Cost with Service Agreement: $625 USD

Who Should Attend

Chemical engineers with less than two years of experience in the hydrocarbon processing industries.

Engineers transferring from allied industries (e.g., chemicals, power and other industries that employ continuous processing techniques).

Engineers returning to the workplace who need a refresher on process design principles

The Course Duration is (in Days): 1.0

Course Benefits

  • Select appropriate line sizes and check for specific hydraulic limitations
  • Perform pressure drop calculations for liquid, vapor and two-phase flow systems
  • Correctly apply design criteria and guidelines to line service types
  • Present the derivation of and apply applicable formulas

Course Topics

  • Single Phase Liquid Flow
  • Single Phase Vapor Flow
  • General Line Sizing Principles
  • Two Phase Flow

Supplemental Offerings

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