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Refining Process Fundamentals – Abridged with Focus on Ecofining and FCC - Madrid, Spain October 24, 2022 - October 24, 2022

Registration Closing Date

October 20, 2022

Register by August 22, 2022 to receive a 10.0% discount.

Course Overview

This special offer combines e-learning pre-requisites and a half-day training session at the Honeywell Users Group in Madrid. The e-learning and training session will provide a broad overview of the fundamentals of refinery operation and production with a focus on Ecofining. Using the refinery schematic, key processes are highlighted, both as individual units and in the context of the refinery as a whole. Registration must be via UOP training portal. $8000 without service agreement/$7000 with service agreement.

Fee includes:
1. HUG registration fee (a special code for fee waiver will be provided after enrollment),
2. Registration to any 2022/2023 UOP course of 1 week duration or less. As permitted by UOP license.
3. Access to the following e-learning modules will be given upon payment:

•Introduction to Ecofining Chemistry
•Ecofining Feedstock Composition
•Fired Heaters

Cost with/without SA (In-person): $7000 / $8000 USD

Cost with/without SA (Virtual): $7000 / $8000 USD

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to have a better understanding of refinery units and how they all fit together. Registrants will also have an opportunity to experience a Honeywell Users Group and have access to a seat in a UOP Multi-licensee training course.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 0.5

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