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Course Description

Fixed Bed Platforming™ Process Web-Based Training

Course Overview

This course provides an online overview of the Fixed Bed Platforming unit.

Cost with/without SA (In-person): $1025 / $1175 USD

Cost with/without SA (Virtual): $1025 / $1175 USD

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for process engineers and operations personnel who work with a Fixed Bed Platforming unit or supervise those who do.

Attendance is limited to UOP license holders.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 1.0

Course Benefits

  • Identify process flow of the Platforming unit
  • The catalyst chemistry and its effect on performance
  • Describe the implications of process variable changes and their effect on performance and catalyst deactivation
  • How to identify catalyst poisons
  • The basics of catalyst regeneration

Course Topics

  • Platforming Process Overview
  • Platforming Chemistry
  • Reactor Section Process Flow and Equipment
  • Platforming Regeneration Principles
  • Fixed Bed Platforming Water and Chloride Control
  • Fixed Bed Platforming Regeneration

Supplemental Offerings